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Studies have demonstrated that the best time to avail a term life insurance plan is the month of April. In the present quick and tumultuous World, a term life insurance plan is a must. The vulnerability is all near and it’s stupid to venture out of your home without a term life insurance plan.
So what is a term life insurance plan? You need to pay a premium and you get cover (assurance) for a settled day and age, called residency of the term insurance plan. In the event that a policyholder dies within the term of the plan, chosen people get the sum assured also called the death benefits. Chosen people can pay back car loans and home loans with the death benefit. In the event that you survive the term of the plan, you get nothing.
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If you don’t have life insurance, get a term life insurance plan at the earliest. Now to an interesting question? Why avail term life insurance in April? April is the start of the financial year and it’s the time you get a bonus or a pay hike. If you have already availed a term life insurance plan, consider additional riders like accidental disability rider or critical illness rider for this plan.
But is this the only reason, April is the best time to avail a term life insurance plan? Many citizens avail life insurance in the last 3 months of the financial year (January-March), just to save tax. Most of the citizens availed Endowment life insurance plans, as high premiums mean a big tax saving.
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