| Free Online Lead Management Platform for its Associates, India's only on-call money advisor has launched an online Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform for its associates. Anyone who registers with as an associate can use this platform absolutely free.
The online CRM platform allows the associate to customize, choose and buy leads from This CRM platform also serves as an online tool to maintain records and database of the leads the associate receives. The associate can also update the history of his/her interactions with the leads, follow up dates and keep a record of the successful conversions made by him/her.
The Founder & CEO C.S Sudheer says, "We have developed this new CRM based on the feedback from our associates. Our associates used to tell us that not enough information about the leads could be delivered in the form of an SMS."
"We decided to provide our associates a powerful platform with additional features. This new CRM platform not only makes sharing detailed information of the leads transferred to our associates easier, but also makes the process of buying leads from us fast and easy. It is also useful in maintaining the database of all the transactions and interactions with the leads," he adds.
This online CRM platform has been developed entirely in house by the technology team of under the guidance of Mr. Ramanand Baliga, former Director of IBM India, who recently joined as strategy consultant and advisor to the board. According to C.S Sudheer, Review would continue to innovate in the future and utilize the reach and convenience provided by technology.
"With such a rich database of information about one's business, this CRM platform will prove to be an useful tool for an associate who would want to keep a record of his business, wants to analyze his/her success and improve," says Mr. Baliga.
" also wants to put an end to unethical sales practices by agents by encouraging professional way of conducting business. The CRM platform is an initiative of to show and guide its associates that to increase the effectiveness and success rate, one need not resort to unethical means," C.S Sudheer adds.
At the consumer end, provides free financial consultation on the phone to anyone looking for an expert opinion on how to manage his money and how to safeguard one's financial interests. After providing advice on any financial query and educating the consumers on how not to get cheated by agents, then connects willing consumers who are interested to meet associates and like to evaluate options.
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