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Indian Money is an online platform that offers free financial advice and education. The platform covers the categories of insurance, investment, loans, property, capital markets, mutual funds, loans and credit cards, mutual funds, and tax. It also features EMI calculators enabling individuals to calculate car, home, and personal loans. The company also offers a free mobile application, which is available for download on the Google Store. It enables users to access free financial advice, alerts, advice, and news right from their smart phones.
More than 300 part solid group at Review shares Mr. Sudheer's vision that "The dream of a created India is conceivable just when we have 100% Financial Literacy".
One can likewise visit the site, peruse through the money related articles and ideas. One can likewise top off and present a frame and place a demand with the expectation of complimentary exhortation on the telephone on any of the points of his/her decision.
Investment planning?
An Investment means keeping aside money today, to get a higher return in the future.
Investment planning needs to be done based on the risk you are able to handle. If you are risk averse you must invest in fixed income securities. The money you invest is safe and you get interest on it.
You can invest in equity if you like to take risks in your investments. You can invest your money in shares or equity mutual funds to get higher returns, if you are a risk aggressive investor.
How is investment planning done?
If you are a conservative investor, you do not like to lose money. You want your principal invested to remain intact as well as earn interest on it.


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